Edifies [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Edifies:

For the plurality of churches, without ministers and order, shall rather hurt than edify.

Historic fidelity is to him a matter of indifference; he is only anxious to edify the reader.

He will do his best to edify and amuse them: they may remember Cintino some day!

I must own that the spectacle which I witnessed on the day of my presentation did not edify me.

Compassion may display itself in readiness both to relieve the physical needs of another, and to edify his character.

Ayloffe showed as much contempt of death as either Argyle or Rumbold: but his end did not, like theirs, edify pious minds.

But since you must edify us, out with your proof that the blessed angels were so born.

These quarrels as to method have their value, but it is a secondary value; they will never console a heart or edify a conscience.

He that speaketh in an unknown tongue may edify himself perhaps; but he that speaketh in a known one, edifieth the Church.

This organization was given to edify the Saints, to bring about a unity of faith and a knowledge of the Son of God.