Emanating [verb]

Definition of Emanating:

come forth; give off

Synonyms of Emanating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emanating:

Sentence/Example of Emanating:

Ripples in spacetime called gravitational waves emanate outward, a calling card of a tumultuous and most energetic tango.

“All power emanates from the people,” tweeted Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president’s son.

Stars were treated as perfect spheres, with the shock wave emanating from the center the same way in every direction.

Once the plate’s surface was mostly covered with duplicating cells, they planned to move the cells into a small bioreactor, a plastic device with clear tubes emanating from its sides that encourages growth.

Odors are caused by airborne compounds emanating from materials.

The word "good" emanating from such a source must, of course, be read as "novel," which in some circles means the same thing.

This address or petition, like all the papers emanating from this Congress, was written with consummate ability.

I have read every argument and every article in defence of the law, from whatever source emanating.

They are described as learned, yet do the pamphlets emanating from the Fraternity betray any proof of superior knowledge?

One of the pamphlets emanating from the first of these lines and entitled "England's War Guilt" reached the present writer.