Enucleation [noun]

Definition of Enucleation:

medical procedure

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Sentence/Example of Enucleation:

Sessile cysts of this kind are removed by what is known as enucleation.

The method is termed ‘enucleation’,43 and where it fails the extubator must be used.

When the enucleation is completed the walls of the capsule are carefully examined for oozing vessels which require ligature.

An incomplete ovariotomy is a very different condition to an enucleation.

In malignant tumours enucleation should only be performed when there are no signs of extra-ocular extension.

The interval which must elapse before an artificial eye can be worn is considerably longer than after enucleation.

The first four steps in the operation are similar to those described under enucleation.

The advantage of this operation over the other substitutes for simple enucleation is that it can be used after any enucleation.

Extubation by the thread and by enucleation has already been mentioned, but these methods are not applicable in every case.

When resection is impracticable, a subcapsular enucleation is performed, followed by the insertion of radium.