Episodes [noun]

Definition of Episodes:

adventure; scene

Synonyms of Episodes:

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Sentence/Example of Episodes:

On the other hand, no continental variant appears to contain the sea-maiden episodes.

In the history of the financial legislation of this session, there were some episodes which deserve to be related.

By way of episodes the characteristic themes of Regan and Goneril, and then—a second subject—Cordelia, calm and tender.

For it is a series of brilliant, effective episodes and scenes, not a closely knit drama.

As is usual in these episodes, he invites them to join him in the use of the most delectable oaths that he can lay before them.

Love episodes are responsible for most of the suicides in the young, while sickness and physical ills are the causes in the old.

The whole story of Lige and the Ardennes is full of episodes, like the war of the cow of Ciney.

At this juncture we come across one of the most curious episodes in the story of Lige.

Then followed accounts of horrors which revived the memories of the most disgraceful episodes in our military history.

Of the episodes of this portion of David's life, the conflict with Goliath is familiar to every reader.