Exulting [verb]

Definition of Exulting:

be joyful

Synonyms of Exulting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exulting:

Sentence/Example of Exulting:

I let him go on, exulting in the discovery that he was a liar, for I knew that it pushed me a step towards recovery.

She now returned with wealth, with elevated rank, with brilliant reputation, and exulting in conscious power.

They now grew distinctly assiduous in the payment of a series of return calls upon their lately exulting Kurdish enemies.

There remained, says their exulting historian, not a man or a woman, not a warrior or child of the Pequod name.

And she continued to make these tests happily, exulting like a child when it first walks alone.

Harland and his Louise returned to Harland Hill, where, a few months after,  she made him the exulting father of a lovely boy.

The whip-jack unbuckled his strap, threw away his timber leg, and "leapt exulting, like the bounding roe."

I heard you exulting and wickedly boasting how you had deceived a distressed old man.

She knew how I was exulting in having her there, so would not say a word to damp me, but I craftily drew it out of her.

But Krino got up and took his way homeward, exulting over his bargain, and leading the camel.