Factionalism [noun]

Definition of Factionalism:

struggle, battle

Synonyms of Factionalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Factionalism:

Sentence/Example of Factionalism:

We’ve become more polarized as a county, and as a result, the parties have become more ideologically uniform, making the factional politics that drive primary challengers less likely.

Changes to the party system were probably part of the reason that Bush’s fate looked different from that of Hayes, whose factional rivals in his own party ensured he kept his one-term promise in 1880.

In it, the native New Yorker plays a factional version of herself.

By Tuesday it was evident the factional balance of power had shifted.

Factionalism is a class spirit which will sacrifice the interest of the whole to the interest of the class.

This factionalism contributed largely to the overthrow of the radicals.

This array of a proletariat against intelligent and successful leadership produces factionalism in society.

The sources of this factionalism were varied, and some of them had little to do with the affairs of Virginia.

He could not attract a party to his leadership by seductive wiles, nor infuse fanatic factionalism into its ranks.

But within five years the order was rent by factionalism and in 1878 was acknowledged to be dead.