Familiarized [verb]

Definition of Familiarized:

make or become acquainted with, knowledgeable about

Opposite/Antonyms of Familiarized:

Sentence/Example of Familiarized:

Toward the end of the day he had familiarized himself with his perilous position; he now almost liked the painfulness of it.

They then took their nourishment in the same manner as when unconfined, and soon appeared familiarized and happy.

Webster must get well familiarized with the work before the Mississippi book's publication.

I spent two days at the place, and thus became familiarized with individual traits of the landscape.

By degrees I familiarized myself with that populous solitude; I ceased to pine for the green fields.

A true philanthropist has familiarized the world with the “submerged tenth.”

Her sister came and staid a week with her, leading her from time to time to the convent, until she became familiarized to it.

To return to the great scenic charm of Constantine; it must be seen and familiarized.

But one family becoming somewhat familiarized, established itself a hundred yards from the landing-place.

Since the publication of the last report, we have been familiarized with the wonders of creation in all the kingdoms of nature.