Farmers [noun]

Definition of Farmers:

person who produces crops, raises animals

Synonyms of Farmers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farmers:


Sentence/Example of Farmers:

He annually has a gathering of distinguished farmers and others to inspect his estate and see how his "book farming" gets on.

In and around where they now sat, there was quite a settlement of Negroes, mostly small farmers.

His horticultural writings were exceedingly beneficial, as well to the gardeners as farmers.

Most of the farmers wore linen dusters and broad straw hats, but their women had put on all their finery.

Farmers often lose their entire stock of plants, and are forced to send miles to beg or buy of a more fortunate planter.

But considerable difference of opinion exists in this point, many farmers believing that salt produces no effect.

The creature kept up a deafening squealing, while out of the bush rushed Dandy, the farmers dog.

The farmers prefer human machines to work for them, to rational thinking men and women.

We happened here on market day and the town was crowded with farmers from the surrounding country.

These people are of the poorest class of farmers, not possessing above four or five slaves, and working hard themselves.