Feelingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Feelingly:

Years afterwards Nelson spoke feelingly of the bitter mental anguish of that protracted and oft-thwarted pursuit.

Then read the whole poem feelingly, with appropriate, but not exaggerated intonations.

He feelingly repeated after me, "A tureen of turtle, and a tender juicy steak."

"The water of life freely, and let him that is athirst say come," echoed the old lady feelingly.

Thus feelingly alive was Nelson to the claims, and interests, and feelings of others.

He pitied not himself so tenderly as mankind, of whose capacity for pain he was then feelingly persuaded.

How feelingly it persuades us that all except a very little of the ornament of letters and of life makes the dulness of the world.

"I was thinking of my poor grandmother," said Villiam, feelingly; and immediately fired at the moon.

You certainly saved all our lives, said Louise feelingly, and went on whittling toasting-sticks for the bacon.

Ill have chance enough to remember you without that, replied Winona feelingly, and went off to look for poles with the others.