Filtered [verb]

Definition of Filtered:

separate to refine; seep through

Synonyms of Filtered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filtered:

Sentence/Example of Filtered:

The sunlight that now struck him was filtered by an atmosphere, and gentle in its action upon him.

When cool, it may be filtered through a funnel lined with filtering paper.

The moonlight filtered down through the trees, working silvery patterns upon the pathway.

Sometimes as it filtered through the trees it seemed, ice-green, and again it was reddish or amber, or blue.

On each side of me walked a warrior, invisible except as when we crossed a glade where the starlight filtered down.

A narrow loophole barely filtered through a pale ray of light into that semi-Stygian darkness.

They were hidden by the bend of the hooded passage, alone in the filtered light that struggled up the gloomy halls.

A precipitate obtained by adding lead acetate to a filtered solution of the original substance in 50 per cent.

The pasty mass was dissolved in water, acidified with sulphuric acid, and filtered.

The ether was evaporated and the residue was extracted with warm water and filtered.