Football [noun]

Definition of Football:

a sport

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Sentence/Example of Football:

As the basketball season for other Division I colleges staggers toward its conclusion and lower-division schools begin spring football campaigns, some college coaches and players fear the Ivy League will skip spring sports entirely.

It’s a level of success that just doesn’t seem replicable, however much he owes to the fact that GM Jason Licht and head coach Bruce Arians built one of the most complete teams in football.

He was far more concerned with football, his no-distraction reputation going back to his first head coaching stint in Cleveland.

So if we can get our heads around that like we’ve done in football, football will fix itself.

They took away the sidelines, and they did a good job of rallying to the football and making tackles.

So, if you love football, this was the year to be a player in the NFL because that’s all it was.

A tragedy like that transcends football, and in a sport built on emotion as much as talent and scheme, it’s not much of a stretch to attribute at least some of the Chiefs’ play to the horror and loss of the past week.

Edgar leads a difficult life as a young man with scissors for hands, able to cut pineapple for Ryder — who reprises her character, Kim Boggs, in the ad — but a public menace on the bus and an accidental football puncturer.

TAMPA — Around here the people still rave about Derrick Brooks, about Warren Sapp, about Ronde Barber and Shelton Quarles and John Lynch and all the 2002-03 defenders who brought Super Bowl glee to a football place so often glee-less.

“He is the greatest football player that ever played,” said Buccaneers tailback Leonard Fournette, who ran for 89 yards and a touchdown.