Footpaths [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Footpaths:

A single winding footpath leads to the grim old gateway, and we rang the bell many times before the custodian admitted us.

He chose the footpath alongside the low wall of the garden, but stopped at the angle where the wild mallow grew.

As we went by the footpath and beside the gate-posts and the unfinished lodge, we kept looking back at the house of my fathers.

This time I turned up the small footpath, of which I have already spoken.

They both turned into the footpath which led to the farm and stile.

He made a circuitous cast, but found no other way except a footpath, which he was doubtful whether to trust.

Step aside from the trodden footpath of personal experience, throwing away the petty cynicism bred of petty hopes disappointed.

They followed a winding footpath which brought them suddenly out on the border of a magnificent stretch of park-like country.

Going on beside it, they found a ledge that made an eighteen-inch footpath diagonally up the face.

To avoid meeting any possible wayfarers he left the high road and took a footpath under some fir-trees.