Forgers [noun]

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Instead of focusing on cosmic connectedness, he thought about how to forge better interpersonal links with people here on the ground—especially his daughter and his father, who was struggling with Alzheimer’s.

Other countries seem less bullish about the prospect of handing off space stations to private industry, and are instead forging ahead with plans for new national space stations.

Ballots “found,” ballots “lost”One of the most dominant narratives on the political right is likely to be Democratic activists or officials forging votes or faking vote totals to make up ground after the polls closed.

I believe so strongly in the ability of San Diego residents and the new commissioners – that they will be able to forge ahead.

The Independent is now available in six languages, following the launch of a Spanish-language version of the site in September and through a partnership forged with Saudi Research and Marketing Group to translate its content across the Middle East.

The company continues to do its best to find solutions, survive and forge forward, and fulfill its obligations to customers and suppliers.

That ability to find a middle way—to forge a new path through a very old maze—may indeed be an essential part of what makes her uniquely qualified for the job she’ll step into next year.

They were a brain trust forged by decades of defending the country from outbreaks.

What’s now known as “forged footnote 15” is responsible for an upheaval at NBC 7.

If I am a forger or a friend of forgers, as you allege me to be, then I am unworthy to have served in the uniform of France.