Counterfeiter [noun]

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To others, it is a scary online marketplace where people can buy drugs, guns, counterfeit money, or even login credentials to a stolen Netflix account.

She told me that drugs purchased through online storefronts are often adulterated or counterfeit—in fact, the global trade in fake medicines is a $30 billion-a-year business.

They also promoted the high quality of their luxury counterfeit goods using videos on Instagram, TikTok and personal websites, and sent users to Amazon and other e-commerce websites, like DHgate, to transact.

Though Fitzpatrick made her current Instagram account private, her website is still online where it shows her promoting the so-called “hidden links” on Amazon where consumers could buy the counterfeits.

NIOSH has seen multiple instances of counterfeit masks sold using the branding of manufacturers on the list.

Steadman had seen the many reports of counterfeit masks making their way to hospitals, endangering nurses and doctors.

He turned out to be a counterfeiter of coin and currency, and suffered the punishment that all counterfeiters deserve.

He was able to abstract the paper from the office, and a counterfeiter in the community forged the formula and signatures.

While among them I studied the badness, the power, the brutality and the arrogance of the counterfeiter and the assassin.

Sometimes water and sky are done with the ruling engine, and when they are, no counterfeiter can successfully imitate them.