Friezes [noun]

Definition of Friezes:

a molded or carved strip

Synonyms of Friezes:

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Sentence/Example of Friezes:

The side walls are surmounted with a chaste frieze, and running towards the base are “stations” and statues of saints.

They are crowned with capitals of bronze and support the enormous beam of a frieze formed of six polished blocks.

They saw faint images of painted martyrs and angels peering down from the frieze and vaulting.

Over this they usually wear a sleeveless jacket of brown frieze, and the cap is of light brown felt, shaped like half a gourd.

The frieze was composed of a tricusped arcade with small columns carried on corbels with carved heads.

The upper portion of the walls was decorated with an ornamental frieze and a battlement bordered with fine moulding.

Finally, there was a frieze extending around the temple wall, to be seen from within the portico.

Fine as is the effect of repose in the Parthenon frieze, the composition is likewise full of spirit and life.

Very fair and surprising it is with its frieze of angels' heads by Donatello, helped perhaps by Desiderio da Settignano.

As a whole composition it was immutable, as permanent, as decorative and as appropriate as the frieze of the Parthenon.