Gazette [noun]

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Also there is a description of Bampton, which once thrilled the readers of the Tiverton Gazette.

In the Railway Official Gazette was a column devoted to short reviews of new books which were sent to the editor.

A bend in the road near the ruined offices of the Delhi Gazette gave them a chance of increasing the pace to a gallop.

This operation was reported in the "Gazette des Hopitaux;" but the patient died.

In despair he went to The Daily Gazette office and proclaimed himself ready for a job.

You see by the Gazette that Langlois is dismissed; and he himself has not received any other information from Cornwall.

Save incidentally—for he did send descriptive articles to The Daily Gazette—he was not out on professional business.

The latter told him of his intention to give an account of the concert in the "Gazette Musicale."

The court gazette announced to the whole kingdom the happy choice that the prince had made, and ordered the people to rejoice.

The Gazette scandal appeared to have blown over; there had been no word from Selina Boyle since last night.