Geology [noun]

Definition of Geology:

the earth's features; study of land

Synonyms of Geology:

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Sentence/Example of Geology:

There are landers looking at the interior geology and measuring the planet’s seismic activity.

While an elemental analysis can authenticate a product’s terroir, it does not suggest that geology shapes flavor.

A coffee’s chemical quality “comes down to geology,” Ehleringer says.

Although it’s an asteroid, its geology is compelling and diverse.

As someone who studies Martian geology, I’m definitely looking forward to 2031 but am grateful I don’t have to wait 11 years to study rocks from Mars.

Dragonfly is not going to visit the dry lakes region near the equator, “but there’s always … comparative geology that you can do from one place to another,” she says.

Second, geology, which takes account of all those actions which in process of time have been developed in our own sphere.

In geology there are half a dozen divisions relating to particular branches of that subject.

On the basis of this understanding the science of geology, which had in a way been founded by the Greeks, was revived.

No man who ever was in a quarry or gravel pit will say so, much less one who has the least smattering of chemistry or geology.