Gnome [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gnome:

As an added bonus, the company sent a garden gnome to space for charity.

Of a sudden I seemed to hear the old gnome croaking, "Now that story sounds to me kind of—"

The Gnome rotary engine was first used with success at this meeting.

He must keep his hands clenched in his pockets lest he soils them in striking down the blood-stained gnome before him.

In the Gnome rotary engine the lightness is entirely due to the initial design and to the materials employed in manufacture.

On the other side of the fire, reclining upon his elbow, the gnome Kilo is poking the coals with a stick.

He smiled, his gnome's face breaking into a million tiny cracks like a piece of gray-glazed pottery.

Every gnome resembles every other, and all nymphs are alike; hence these beings are generally referred to in the plural.

Seen thus in the half-light they appeared more than ever gnome-like, humorously ugly and awkward.

The other gnome again crept up behind the large stone and listened to the lobster and the crab.