Grantor [noun]

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By this the grantor or party giving it conveys whatever interest he may have in the land.

A witness need not write his name in the grantor's presence, if asked to sign in the proper place as a witness this will suffice.

Suppose the grantor has declared in his deed that the land contains a hundred acres and a survey finds only fifty.

Suppose the deed covered no land at all belonging to the grantor, this would be a still greater fraud.

Doubtless it would hold that the grantor tried to deceive the other party and would grant relief.

As long as Charles, the grantor of the charter lived, there was nothing done to excite alarm.

He to whom a thing is granted shall have the benefit of joinder from the persona of his grantor.

My knowing that the treasure was on it when purchased, may make me liable to my grantor for an accounting.

At one time he owned 100,000 acres and was grantor of much of the land in ancient Pittston.

Six months later the wife of the grantor appears on the scene.