Grotto [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grotto:

Hazard’s sculptures are grottoes of torn paper, printed sparely with text and boxed in blond wood.

Remember what you told me that moonlit night when we walked by the sea towards the Grotto of Love.

When he opened his eyes he found himself in a grotto whose crystal columns reflected the delicate tints of the rainbow.

But I saw rocks and trees around me; clouds; I was in a grotto and beside me was a man, that persecutor!

Frederick deposited his gun in a sort of natural grotto formed by a deep opening half concealed by a thick curtain of ivy.

Average Jones looked down into the hollow with satisfaction, and moved his full canteens into a grotto.

The remarkable serpentine, shell-mosaiked shrine, known as Margate Grotto, is discussed in chap.

Numerous memorials of Peter exist at the grotto, and in the neighbourhood of Marsden.

O for a grotto frost-lined and rill-riven,Scooped in the rock under cataract vast!

But it sounded as though the crowd made its way towards the grotto.