Gullet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gullet:

The blade of mine has been dulled on the gullet of that old Saracen yonder with the white beard.

From the eastern gullet where he was, he could not see the sloop on account of the sharp turns of the pass.

To prevent the water rushing into its throat as it skims the surface with its beak, the bird is provided with a very small gullet.

The cilia also send particles of food into a funnel-like opening, the gullet, on one side of the cell.

The gullet widens almost at once into a long stomach, which in turn leads into a much coiled intestine.

Food, in order to reach the gullet from the mouth cavity, must pass over the opening into the windpipe.

She threw up a very perfect cast of the gullet (preserved in University College museum), and rapidly died.

The common sequence is stricture of the gullet, combined with feeble digestion, and in a few instances stricture of the pylorus.

The gullet is most affected at its lower part, and it is this part which is mostly subject to stricture.

The lining membrane of the gullet throughout is divided into minute squares by longitudinal and transverse furrows.