Haha [noun]

Definition of Haha:

fun, quip

Synonyms of Haha:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haha:

Sentence/Example of Haha:

It was sixty miles to Haha Bay, but the road on the frozen river was good, and he could do a long stretch of it.

And the women ran hither and thither, wailing and screaming and crying out: Haha!

Remember Amy Beirne--eloped with some inventor fellow--what's his name--oh, sure, Vivian, haha!

From F. haha an interjection of laughter, hence a surprise in the form of an unexpected obstacle (that laughs at one).

Minne means water; Minne-sota, turbid water, and Minne-haha does not signify “laughing,” but falling water.

No disorder has yet appeared here, nor in the adjacent provinces of Shedma and Haha.

The province of Haha was in arms; caffilahs, and travellers could not pass; but it was expedient that I should go to Mogodor.

Most of the fences are high posts-and-rails or "snake" fences, although there is an occasional stone wall, haha, or water-jump.

By the Dacotah Indians, who inhabit the country, they are called Haha.

I tried to turn it off then as a joke, and said: "Haha, I had you there!"