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There is a group of closely allied elements to which the name halogen (salt-producer) has been given.

Compounds containing oxides and fluorides, &c., do not lend themselves to the method of determining the halogen by difference.

We may, in fact, consider that the descriptive study of the various halogen compounds dates from about this time.

The same absorbent quantitatively takes up any halogen and sulphur which may be present.

The same as Method 1, except that after ignition of the saponified mixture the halogen was determined by weighing as silver iodid.

It combines with the halogen elements with great energy, burning brilliantly in chlorine to form antimony trichloride (SbCl3).

This change only occurs when the halogen atom is in the ortho- or para- position to the -N2- group.

The halogen compounds of mercury, we should have mentioned, also sublime, the red iodide giving a yellow sublimate.

Halogen, hal′o-jen, n. a substance which by combination with a metal forms a saline compound.

It is decomposed by the halogen elements and also by sulphuretted hydrogen.