Hardening [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hardening:

She saw the tightening of his lips, the hardening of his eyes, beyond which he gave no other sign that she had hit him.

There was in it the indefinable hardening and ageing which seemed to Boyson to have affected the whole personality.

She talked nearly all the way over, sobbing at times, and then hardening herself with scolding.

She stepped back with her mouth hardening and the gleam still in her eyes.

“Have my share of that money,” said Katrine, with a peculiar hardening of her face.

Hardening of the arteries, an old-age disease, is rapidly becoming in this country a disease of the middle aged.

They think "Irreverence for the dreams of youth" always comes from "the hardening of the heart."

Kansas, according to Greeley's expressive phrase, "was steadily hardening into the bone and sinew of a Free State."

The day had been cloudless and the sun very warm, softening the surface, but at the time of starting it was hardening rapidly.

The statue which had glowed into life under the breath of his love was hardening into polished ivory again.