Hawker [noun]

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The flagon which contained the giants allowance of liquor is mentioned by Hawker in a private letter.

The grave-digger said he had been christened and married by Mr. Hawker: one of the best passons, he added, us ever had.

Hawker and Landor (it may be remarked by the way) were in many respects kindred spirits.

Possibly Hawker altered this in accordance with the superstition mentioned on p. 21.

This screen was constructed by Mr. Hawker from the rescued remnants of an older screen, pieced together with ironwork.

The old altar ornaments used by Mr. Hawker are preserved in the vestry.

Hawker was quite capable of submitting a poser of this kind to his own bishop, Dr. Phillpotts.

Welcombe, to which Mr. Hawker became curate in 1850, and which he continued to serve until his death.

Hawker was often asked to preach here, but he long declined, fearing that the associations would be too overwhelming for him.

Hawker had a presentiment that they would never meet again, and they never did, though Tennyson visited Cornwall in later years.