Hippopotamus [noun]

Definition of Hippopotamus:

nonruminant hoofed mammal

Synonyms of Hippopotamus:

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Sentence/Example of Hippopotamus:

It was a hippopotamus which had been standing on the river-brink within six yards of the muzzle of his gun.

He aimed at the yawning hippopotamus and fired, hitting it on the skull, but at such an angle that the ball glanced off.

He was as successful as he was brave, and he had the great good luck to meet a tiger, a young hippopotamus, and a boa constrictor.

It was voted by acclamation, that Hippopotamus was agreeable to the company.

Let's play I'm a hippopotamus, and you're a little yellow chicken, and I'm trying to catch you and eat you up.

And there that human hippopotamus stood jumping up and down while he mashed me into the mud like a mole under a pile-driver.

It is, in fact, very similar in many of its habits to the great hippopotamus of Africa, but is not quite so large.

The jelly made from the feet is also much prized, while the best kind of whips (jamboks) are those of hippopotamus hide.

Here is a lively picture from Sir Samuel Bakers valuable volumes, in which the hippopotamus is a foremost figure.

The upset men scrambled into my boat, and Lloyd and I got some shots at the hippopotamus that weakened him.