Hoards [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hoards:

That hoard up silver and gold, wherein men trust, and there is no end of their getting?

If I take no money for the money that I lend, how shall I then increase my hoard?

They are no wiser than the savages, who hide and hoard their little heaps of cowrie-shells.

What you enjoy is yours; what for your heirs / 45 You hoard, already is not yours, but theirs.

Gunnar refuses Atli's command to reveal the hiding-place of the hoard, bidding them bring to him the heart of Hogni.

As his expenses were small and the Boss paid him generously, it was astonishing how his little hoard grew.

Philip looked up from his hoard, and Captain de Burgh Smith stood before him.

He was carrying his little hoard in his pocket, for a man operating from the hamlet of Maquoit must needs be his own banker.

There was an affectingness in this view of the mechanical old man bearing his poor hoard to bestow it.

It is only the hoard of one collector and the contents of one sketch-book, all gleaned in about a hundred parishes.