Homemaker [noun]

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His father worked in a bottle factory, and his mother was a homemaker.

His father was a shoe salesman, and his mother was a homemaker who was born in Scotland while her own mother was en route to the United States, immigrating from what is now Ukraine.

His father was a streetcar operator, and his mother was a homemaker.

Medieval cooks and homemakers were often noted as burning their fires constantly, with a never-ending pot of soup at the ready.

It is a problem usually very difficult of solution by the homemaker of small means.

But what is the homemaker of limited means, who must have some help, to do under present conditions?

It may seem that, in this article, I am more concerned for the “hired help” than the homemaker for whom I am ostensibly writing.

No land offers better or freer social conditions to the homemaker.

The good wife and homemaker says to her children, "Where thou goest, I will go."

These specific objectives probably cover those phases of art for which the average homemaker has the greatest need.