Housewife [noun]

Definition of Housewife:


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Sentence/Example of Housewife:

As his social media posts got crazier, he’d get support and likes from all these moms and housewives.

More than once that day was the good housewife tempted to send the three visiting Babcocks home, but was too courteous to do so.

An industrious housewife, she hummed the hymns of contentment and peace from morning till evening.

Crochet needles should be kept in a housewife similar to those used for ordinary needles.

When their mother assumed the duties of housewife in Brussels, she surrounded her children with plain, wholesome conditions.

The modern young housewife has a superabundance of spare time.

Every housewife should walk in the open air every day of her life.

The thimble denoted a thrifty housewife; the button, a life of single blessedness; and the nutmeg, a good cook.

If we watch a servant or a housewife doing work well, we need never again be entirely ignorant of how to do that work.

I mean all those odd jobs which pursue the busy housewife in the hours when she ought to rest.