Incinerator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incinerator:

I saw him not long after you left, Your Majesty, when I went out to inspect the garbage incinerator.

His métier is to keep the place tidy and the incinerator fires burning.

Hereabouts is an incinerator, always smoking and exploding cartridges that have fallen into it.

Therefore, old bandages, pieces of absorbent cotton, and the like should go into the incinerator.

That's a kind of an incinerator, Collins—a place where the mistakes go up in smoke, at night, when there's nobody to see.

After sweeping a floor put the dust and dirt from a dust pan in a newspaper, roll it carefully and burn in the incinerator.

"Bear Hill" is the name given to the spot near the incinerator, where many bears gather to feed daily.

Like some abandoned rag doll, tossed in an incinerator and consumed almost beyond recognition.

I'll throw it in the incinerator now, she thought, before I straighten the apartment.

The incinerator chute was at the rear of the hall, next to the service stairs.