Incoherently [adverb]

Definition of Incoherently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Incoherently:


Sentence/Example of Incoherently:

He lay muttering incoherently some little time; then for a time he lay silent, and apparently sinking away toward death.

Promise, promise, she said incoherently, and her hands fastened to his coat as she hid her head against his shoulder.

In the morning she was a little better, being able to speak; but she was still very much shaken, and raved incoherently.

Her tone was high-pitched, tears were close behind her desperation, her words rushed almost incoherently.

She talked incoherently, persisting that she had died during the storm, and that she was a spirit.

With a piteous cry she tore away and threw herself on her knees before her implacable master, sobbing incoherently for mercy.

He soon fell into a restless, broken sleep, constantly murmuring to himself incoherently.

And he proceeded to publish and utter a scandalous libel, Bones protesting incoherently the while.

"Carry on," said Bones incoherently, and wept a little at the realization of that magnificent moment.

"That is what I came to tell you—that is, to ask you to tell Miss Pollyanna," hurried on the girl, breathlessly and incoherently.