Inconsistently [adverb]

Definition of Inconsistently:


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Sentence/Example of Inconsistently:

It might seem inconsistent to have focused on the dangers of large gatherings all year and begin warning about small gatherings just as they feel the most valuable.

There will be insanely inconsistent deals for similar players.

Which is what makes Haskins so important, now that he is Smith’s backup following the season-ending injury to Kyle Allen, just weeks after he was benched as the starter and dropped to third string for inconsistent play and practice habits.

Hospital capacity was previously included among Vox’s metrics, but it’s been removed due to inconsistent data reporting.

While women of color initially voted in the thousands in 1920, access to voting proved to be inconsistent and hard fought.

Though widely praised for its design, the vehicle suffered from inconsistent production quality, supply chain problems, and technical issues.

While it’s true that wind is an inconsistent source of electricity, no one is suggesting that we rely solely on wind power.

For everyone else, with inconsistent state rules and limited resources, it’s far less certain whether election administrators can ramp up nationally to reach more than 200 million registered voters by November.

Civilian eyewitnesses interviewed by Oregon Public Broadcasting and ProPublica and other public statements offer similarly inconsistent and sometimes conflicting recollections.

Again, the article contains inaccurate and inconsistent reporting.