Differently [adverb]

Definition of Differently:

in another way; otherwise

Opposite/Antonyms of Differently:

Sentence/Example of Differently:

Because Snowflake structures its software differently, it can run resource-intensive AI programs more efficiently than its competitors, including juggernauts like Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

On a per-capita basis, however, things shake out a little differently.

In every experiment, there are always things I could have done differently.

He said he would not do anything differently with regard to his response to the pandemic, despite nearly 200,000 Americans having died from the outbreak.

Selin believes in Whorf because she’s bilingual, and she knows that when she thinks in Turkish, her parents’ native language, she thinks differently than she does in English.

We’re differently constituted, so of course the human brain’s full of innate stuff.

Moving forward, we’ll be flexible on how work gets done and how we can think differently about virtual and in-person time.

However, all sectors have been differently impacted by the eventual change in Ad spend.

When I started WHOOP a lot of people told me I was going to fail or that I should try to build the business differently, and, as a result, I put up a wall toward negative feedback.

In the nine differently colored circular tracks, rolled little globes representing the planets.