Indexed [verb]

Definition of Indexed:

arrange, order

Synonyms of Indexed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indexed:

Sentence/Example of Indexed:

Usually in this spot I look at the trailing five-day performance of one of the big indexes.

That’s because five of its component companies have two share classes listed in the index.

Still, Tesla’s soaring market value—some $387 billion—would make it one of the S&P 500’s largest constituents, a size that threatens to tip the index lopsided.

In all four real-world examples mentioned above, most of the cases were clustered near the person who was sick — and a minority happened more than three rows away from an index case.

They offer touch-screen functionality on the index finger and thumb, and they can be easily stored in a carrying case to avoid cross-contamination when not in use.

The index hit its highest level since September 2018, when the economy was growing steadily.

In fact, last week’s sell-off was enough to tip the benchmark index into the red across August, September and October.

Google provides search data as an index of peak activity in a period.

That’s doing little to excite buyers who have watched the index rallying as much as 60% from its March trough and valuations reaching levels not seen since the dot-com bubble.

Scientists retrieve the DNA, sequence it, and with the proper index, read its coded instructions.