Ineffably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Ineffably:

Aunt Rachel's face, ineffably ignorant and ineffably sweet, lit up with a smile of welcome.

It seemed some angel voice had whispered something ineffably sweet to her.

Dexter understood himself, and Jessie understood him: such folk make no pretences; they are ineffably real.

The whole set make an ineffably sweet impression on our mind, and it is difficult to turn to the other pictures in the room.

Yet she was more familiar to him than the women he had known best, and she was ineffably beautiful and consoling.

The poor fellow was ineffably grateful, and I had some difficulty in tearing myself from out of the reach of his thanks.

And he had found it ineffably sweet to enfold that warm mass of wan helplessness in his own virile strength.

There was something ineffably sweet about the disembodied voices sending their triumphant chant up to the stars.

Ineffably he longed to keep it—all that he had in life of sunshine.

He was certainly a most ineffably impudent, perjured villain.