Inelasticity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inelasticity:

First, the state is relatively inelastic, meaning that it tends not to swing as much as the country as a whole does.

The third result of undue disregard of distance is a certain inelasticity of industrial conditions.

A certain inelasticity of mind showed itself also in the way in which he approached the work of translation.

One of its great advantages is its inelasticity, which prevents the overrunning of gear worked by it.

The most serious evils of inelasticity in this country are seen in connection with the annual handling of the crops.

The subsequent changes then produce thickening and inelasticity.

Despite the inelasticity of his mind, he vaguely realised his bridegroom honours.

Tendons, because of their inelasticity, are subjected to injuries peculiar to themselves.

The most frequent criticism by immigrant leaders interviewed is the inelasticity of the public-school methods.

Inelasticity, too, in the forms of currency most needed for small transactions, has made very real difficulties for us.