Intermediaries [noun]

Definition of Intermediaries:

person who negotiates

Synonyms of Intermediaries:

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Sentence/Example of Intermediaries:

Intermediaries between the laboratory and the people are springing up to interpret the one to the other.

He himself remained in seclusion in his cabin, treating with the Japanese through intermediaries.

Even now there are still intermediaries between the sthetal and phronetal cells.

The Quebec merchants had been the intermediaries for this trade, and they held jealously to the profitable privilege.

There were two unofficial men in New York who were ideally qualified to serve the part of intermediaries.

Rivers have always been the great intermediaries between land and sea, for in the ocean all find their common destination.

A growing consensus among philosophers made God more and more remote, and emphasized the necessity for intermediaries.

All these intermediaries are included in the Logos, which is the rational thought which governs the world.

She grew too big for her table, and, dispensing with all mechanical intermediaries, talked to him direct.

A proposition is then made, by the usual intermediaries, for the union of these two corpses in the bonds of matrimony!