Intrinsically [adverb]

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Scientists assumed that curve was something intrinsic to the virus.

Imagine a world in which any comment on Twitter or Reddit, or any news article shared on Facebook, has a non-trivial probability of being entirely written by an algorithm that has no intrinsic concern for human values.

This is a little bit like the electromagnetic field, but far simpler, because it lacks intrinsic directionality or spin.

These paired vectors also reflect another important property of symplectic spaces, their intrinsic connection to complex numbers.

Also, the intrinsic generation can only have an evolutionary origin.

Furthermore, the helmet-type was more suited to the Spartan mode of warfare due to its intrinsic open-faced design that allowed for better communication and battlefield awareness among the soldiers in a tight phalanx.

It would be in vain to seek for any object more intrinsically inconsiderable with which to liken a condition of indifference.

Misfortune cannot degrade a man, unless he be intrinsically mean; it rather elevates him.

Intrinsically then the evidence, while not conclusive, favors the idea that Huehue Tlapallan was in the south.

Same feat intrinsically as that done by Cromwell, on Hamilton and the Scots, in 1648.