Intuitions [noun]

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What we call superstitions were really great scientific intuitions or prophecies.

Being a woman, I suppose I have intuitions, but I trust my boot heels every time.

By means of sensibility objects are given to us, and it alone furnishes with intentions meaning sensuous intuitions.

Language is itself the collective art of expression, a summary of thousands upon thousands of individual intuitions.

Before sitting down her intuitions had determined her to enlist this force on Robert's side at any cost.

To confute intuitionists and get rid of intuitions was one main purpose of all Mill's speculations.

The acceptance of 'intuitions,' that is, was the only alternative to thoroughgoing acceptance of 'experience.'

Her husband, who loved her, had no such intuitions; he had to be told clumsily, and even then might not understand.

As Mr. Oldham has so often said to me, 'I would rather depend on your intuitions than on the reasoning of the wisest statesmen.'

Scientific theories are not so much formulæ extracted from experience as intuitions imposed upon experience.