Issues [noun]

Definition of Issues:

point in question

Synonyms of Issues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Issues:

Sentence/Example of Issues:

He doesn’t like wearing masks, so he doesn’t, ceding leadership on the issue to Biden.

There are a few issues that steel cables have that make rope a better, easier, and more dependable option.

If there are issues found, the software recommends corrective action.

The past year alone has seen a wave of titles dealing with such issues, from HBO’s Watchmen series to Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods.

This story appeared in the Summer 2020, Play issue of Popular Science.

The United States is a big country, but when millions of people try to do the same thing on the same day, there’s bound to be issues—especially given the complications caused by the pandemic.

The bigger issue here is the opioid epidemic and the results of the shutdowns.

That’s especially important as the pandemic wears on into the school year, and the reality sets in that employees will be dealing with these issues for a while yet—and that some of the changes may be permanent.

The key issues for Wisconsin voters track with the candidate they are supporting.

Will the new issues promptly retire when their special task is over?