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A mattress—a common jute bag stuffed with straw—and a blanket of thin shoddy came first.

The common jute comes principally from the province of Bengal, India, where it was first known to science in 1725.

Jute occupies third position in importance of vegetable fibers in the manufacturing scale, being inferior to cotton and flax.

Jute fibre is obtained from two varieties of plants which appear to differ only in the shape of the fruit or seed vessel.

After these assorting operations are completed, the jute fibre is made up into bundles or "bojahs" of 200 lbs.

All the above bales of a batch may be composed of the same standard quality of jute, although the marks may be different.

The bands or ropes, see Fig. 7, are removed from the bale in order that the heads or large pieces of jute can be separated.

As already mentioned, jute is sold under guarantees as to quality, and all disputes must be settled by arbitration.

A large vessel containing bales of jute is berthed on the quay-side adjoining the jute sheds in Fig. 6.

The Indian raw jute trade is conducted under various conditions.