Keyhole [noun]

Definition of Keyhole:

foul line

Synonyms of Keyhole:

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Sentence/Example of Keyhole:

He looked at it through a keyhole, as it were—the extent was large yet detailed, the picture distant yet very clearly focussed.

Kneeling down, he peered into the keyhole, holding the electric torch close beside his face and chewing industriously.

And all the while the real "me" is snugly lying here in the green box, peeping through the keyhole, on the watch for the postman.

Jehosophat wished he were as small as Hop-o'-my-Thumb, so that he could creep through the keyhole and never be seen at all.

He stooped down and peeped through the keyhole, and immediately grew pale with anger.

One knows no peace, but lives ever on the qui vive, with one eye and ear to the keyhole, so to speak.'

The good old lady came twice to his locked door, put her ear to the keyhole, and only sighed and murmured her prayer.

Then his glance fell to a huge, old-fashioned keyhole below the new fastening.

Average examined the walls with attention and returned to the big keyhole, through which he peeped.

The speaker examined the keyhole, then walked over to the radiator and looked over, under and through it minutely.