Kingship [noun]

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Beside autocratic kingship it shines with a white light; it is obviously the portal of the future.

Sir Mordred set himself at once to work to make his kingship permanent.

There are three crowns: of the law, the priesthood, and the kingship; but the crown of a good name is greater than them all.

His tenure of the governorship of Urmi had been brief; but like the kingship of Roumania was always a pleasant reminiscence.

While nobles and statesmen were cowering in silence before the dreaded power of the kingship the preachers spoke bluntly out.

It was revealing in men who had till now cowered before the might of kingship a power greater than the might of kings.

The former result was attained by making the kingship hereditary, but the latter has always been a difficult task.

On the one hand there was this adventurer who had betrayed the republic; on the other the dull weight of old kingship restored.

There was nothing left of his kingship but to snort regal defiance, to which his captors offered not the slightest retort.

Chatham's course to Kingship was not straight or smooth,—as Friedrich, too, had his well-nigh fatal difficulties on the road.