Lenders [noun]

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Suppose a corporation makes a loan without proper authority and receives the money, can the lender recover it?

The loan is on the security of the vessel and if she never arrives, the lender loses his money.

A shrewd, double-faced individual, who was secretly a partner with Massin-Levrault the money-lender.

Apparently summoning all his resolution, Mr. Ricketty dried his eyes and fervently grasped the money-lender's hand.

He has not received a definitive answer from Ballachy; meet a money-lender, of whom I have some hopes.

I really came as a borrower, but circumstances permitted me to play the rle of the lender.

If you could make interest to be the lender, I would n't say that what you suggest is impossible.'

Switzerland is another lender of money, but neither her position nor her commerce can occasion any near relation with us.

"Too much honor, Mr. Linton," said the money-lender, whose slight flush did not betoken a concurrence in his own words.

The money lender walked away with clenched fists, muttering to himself, and Michel lit his pipe again.