Logically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Logically:

During the event, the company did not disclose plans to start a clinical trial, a surprise to those who believed that would be its next logical step.

It’s a logical argument which establishes that the desired clique couldn’t possibly exist.

If your program requires 10 qubits to run, that means it needs 10 logical qubits — which could require a quantum computer with hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of the original, error-prone physical qubits.

The data and ancilla qubits together make up one logical qubit with, hopefully, a lower error rate.

Finding drugs that can bind to these proteins and stop them from working is a logical way to go.

It was possible for such a train of thought to be started and worked out logically in that brilliant brain.

He would discard any doctrine which, logically carried out, led to absurdity.

His lofty realism was subversive of popular superstitions, when logically carried out.

The man whom daily contact with remediable misery will not render incompetent to always write logically, I would not wish to know.

Are we logically justified in dealing with the belief in God on any other principle?