Lotus [adjective]

Definition of Lotus:

in seated position

Synonyms of Lotus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lotus:

Sentence/Example of Lotus:

Realm of enchantment, break your mystic spell, Land of the lotus, smiling land farewell!

You are in the land of the lotus eaters on a keleg voyage—but you had better take a few books to read!

Suddenly a lotus sprung from his navel, and grew till it reached the surface of the flood.

All were curiously interested at the sight of a woman with white skin, tinted like the lotus.

A lotus—that was it—and Hook Nose stood looking at the lotus—and because it was innocent he filled his eyes with it.

In the opinion of at least one author it had an intimate relation to the Lotus sign of Egypt and Persia.

He describes the Egyptian lotus and traces it through an innumerable number of specimens and with great variety of form.

Immediately within the entrance of this temple hung a curtain of crimson silk embroidered in lotus-flowers of gold.

Imagine five lakelets covered by Egyptian lotus, and the different varieties of water-lilies.

He swung himself on the mare from which he had lately dismounted, caught Lotus-flower by the bridle, and sped away like the wind.