Mailboxes [noun]

Definition of Mailboxes:

mail box

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Sentence/Example of Mailboxes:

It’s the first thing I reach for when I get home from climbing or skiing—it’s even warm enough for a quick dash to the mailbox or to a local restaurant to pick up dinner.

One Friday night, Gail was trying to get some clarity on all the bills, which kept arriving in her mailbox.

Appraisers and investigators found the Kealohas had lied about the type of mailbox they owned and falsely claimed one of higher value in an apparent effort to crack the $300 threshold for felony theft charges.

Two years ago he found a notice in his mailbox about improvements to the buildings.

Now any payment sent to that mailbox will be returned to the sender.

Once there, he opens his personal mailbox, hoping to find letters.

They still might throw it away or find a way not to count it but at least I know I put it directly into someone’s hands and not just a mailbox.

So this year, she put on a hazmat suit and walked her ballot to her mailbox.

A moment after the shooting, Louis, the father of two, stared across the street, still bathed in late summer sunshine, and spotted Reinoehl sprawled on the pavement near a cluster of mailboxes.

The San Diego mayor’s race is responsible for a lot of bulging mailboxes and dead trees right now.