Malfunction [noun]

Definition of Malfunction:

breakdown, failure

Synonyms of Malfunction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Malfunction:

Sentence/Example of Malfunction:

Voters in six counties used the machines during local elections last fall, and the state used the machines for its primaries, but both of those pilots had some equipment malfunctions, and many Georgians have yet to use the machines.

It’s not uncommon for drones to malfunction or collide with other objects, including airplanes.

These are sensors on the key components of the truck that can predict when a malfunction is likely to occur.

By targeting precincts where most people vote for a particular candidate or party, a hacker could potentially swing a close election just by triggering malfunctions in electronic poll books.

Boeing and regulators had approved the design under the assumption that flight crews could recognize and override a malfunction of the system within a few seconds.

Mechanical class, including malfunction of Hegler units and such.

VT672, had an unexplained malfunction and was left behind to be repaired by the slave technicians who followed the Horde.

Naturally—it would have to follow its own solution, if there was no indication of malfunction.

His own malfunction-indicator wasn't telling him much either.

If it's just a malfunction in one of the units, I can dump another one down there.