Materially [adverb]

Definition of Materially:

concerning matter

Synonyms of Materially:

Opposite/Antonyms of Materially:

Sentence/Example of Materially:

For he was ponderous, spiritually and mentally, as well as materially.

That night the gale broke, and before morning it had materially moderated.

Furthermore, railroad building has since then been materially cheapened.

In their ways they had not materially changed for a hundred years.

The bill could not be made over or materially amended in the House.

When I say all, I mean anything that will materially help our cause.

But his joy was materially lessened when the quartette left the house.

Neither they nor the other pair had materially changed their relative positions.

They never could have materially affected a fortune like his.

It was materially that she was a wonder of the sort that is at the same time familiar and sacred.