Maternity [noun]

Definition of Maternity:

period of being pregnant with child

Synonyms of Maternity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maternity:

Sentence/Example of Maternity:

Surely you have not yet made many calls on the maternity level.

Originally educated for maternity they had to be re-educated for service.

In this expectation we set out in search of a Maternity Home.

Hence they are of one paternity, though not of one maternity.

Frank Corson got the call as he was leaving the maternity ward.

The eldest early assumed the burdens of wifehood and maternity.

He was consulted on such matters as maternity and pregnancy.

The majesty of maternity was on her pale face and in her great eyes.

She belonged to that class of women in whom maternity arouses late.

He was gazing at Joan, at the glory of maternity in her face.